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Learn to use yoga bricks to do yoga, help with your pose alignment and stretching.

Open up through stretching

Use blocks and straps to help you with your hip and chest  stretches and flexibility

Vinyasa with Bricks

This practice is all about your yoga blocks - how to use them for support, strength building and relaxation.

Back Flexibility

Sometimes all you have is bricks. And you can still do so many back stretching poses with it. Use them to release back tension and increase flexibility.

Yoga with yoga Bricks 

Nobody can do Cirq de Soleil without the baby steps. Learn how to relieve stiff shoulder, release back pain and proper alignment using the yoga bricks. 

Headness Headstand

All you need is 4 bricks to assist you with the headstand. Word of gold - 80% on the forearm and 20% on the head.

For those moments where you want to revitalize but without going crazy on the session. This video focus on a gentle sequence for hip opening, lunges and twisting. You will need 2 yoga bricks and a yoga strap for this practice.