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At Asia Yogies, we believe style and frugality shouldn't be kept apart (unlike a lot of our competitors). Our styles reflect the latest trends, while our prices will allow you to not only look good, but also to afford that high-class gym membership that you need to showcase those good looks.

We're also a huge fans of social media and you'll find us all over the social world, at the standard (read boring) channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, as well as such unlikely places as Slideshare.net and academia.edu. Connect with us and we'll shoot you some offers from one or more of multiple social channels; sometimes we'll let you know they're coming, while at other times we'll surprise you. 

We'll also bring you into our world, live streaming on Periscope or Facebook Live, as a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into bringing the latest and greatest styles from around the world. You can join us as we chart our way through our normal -- and sometimes abnormal -- distribution channels. By the way, if you see anything you like along the way, let us know and we'll stock up on it for you.

We also love the Chinese market and, right now, we can be found at WeChat. We're also exploring other Chinese social channels, but they change so often it's hard to keep up, to be quite frank. But keep an eye on us. Trust us, it'll be worth it...

We also believe in sharing our knowledge and we'll be writing articles on subjects that interest -- and/or rock -- your world, so keep up with our 'News' section. The first piece will be up on 6 October and we'll create a link once it's dropped.