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Pick up at EF Locker / SF Pick up Points

You should receive a 6 digit code via SMS from SF Express. The message is only available in Chinese. Once you receive the message, please go to your chosen pick up point to pick up within the time frame provided in the SMS message. If you had forgotten the location that you had chosen, you may login to your account at www.asiayogies.com and check your order.

(Our experience is 30 hours for EF Locker and 48 hours for SF Pick up points. This may be different for different location. Please see the exact time frame provided in the SMS message)

You SMS might look different but always look for the  6 digit code

SF Express instruction for EF Locker Pick Up

For SF Pick up Points, just show the SMS for pick up.

For EF Locker, please read EF Locker usage instruction